"The Hunger" is an Alaskan short film written and directed by Charles A. Baird. This film was presented by Baird Media and EISSEJ Films at the 2016 Quick Freeze Film Competition in which each competing team was given 4 days to complete a film of 5 minutes or less.  Each film had to incorporate three prompts given during the competition kick-off, and for this competition, the prompts were: 1. Glass of Water; 2. Breaking the fourth wall; and 3. Whip pan.

The story of "The Hunger" takes a daring glimpse into the secretive life of a lawyer, whose hunger for lust is never satisfied. The film explores complex human yearnings, desires, and dark obsessions.

This film premiered at the 2016 Quick Freeze Film Competition Screening and Awards ceremony, held in Anchorage, Alaska, on Thursday December 9th, 2016. 

cast & Crew:


Greg Rowland - Clive

Mariah Falkenstein - Nancy
Katie Wilson - Ashley

Ida Taylor - Cherry

Executive Producer, Writer, Director & Editor : Charles A. Baird

Producer & Assistant Director: Jessie Wei
Director of Photography & Sound:​ Levi Nilsson
Script Supervisor: Laura A. Hoosier

Gaffer: ​De Gosh Reed
1st Assistant Camera & Sound: Carl Weber
Hair & Makeup:​ Mariah Falkenstein

Background Actors:

Dorene Lorenz
Alex France
Ben Steward
Tiffany Gomes
Andrea Hackley
Chiara Renee
Andy Roof
Dawn Michel
Charles A. Baird
De Gosh Reed
Dwayne Dorau
Jennifer Steward
Katherine Bant
Abraham Boney
KC Bowlan
Luke Wood
Diana Gordan
Laura A. Hoosier
Carl Weber


Release Date: December 8th, 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska

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